Dear Colleagues

It is a great honor and pleasure to invite you to the Symposium of Turkish-German Gynecological Education and Research Foundation (TGGF) “Current Approaches in Obstetrics and Gynecology”. Our main goal is to create an interactive environment that will enable the processing and holistic evaluation of current information in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and to enable scientists to share their new studies and knowledge.

In the first day of the symposium we devote to "Current Developments in Obstetrics" and the second day is devoted to "Current Developments in Gynecology", and we aim to review our knowledge in these fields, share our innovations and experiences with each other, to express the problems we encounter in our working lives and aim to create solution suggestions.

We hope to see you between the dates of May 31 - June 1, 2024 at CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul in the Symposium of TGGF “Current Approaches in Obstetrics and Gynecology. We are looking forward to your valuable participation.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Cihat Ünlü
Symposium and TGGF President
Prof. Dr. Yaprak Üstün
Symposium Chair



Symposium Presidents
Cihat Ünlü Yaprak Üstün
Organizing Committee
L. Cem Demirel Batuhan Özmen
Mete Güngör Özlem Pata
M. Faruk Köse Erol Tavmergen
M. Murat Naki Yusuf Üstün
U. Fırat Ortaç  
*Written in alphabetical order by surname.

 Basic First Trimester Evaluation of Fetal Anatomy

 Anomalies that should not be missed in the first trimester

 First Trimester Aneuploidy Screening

 Second Trimester Basic Ultrasonographic Evaluation

 Current Developments in Postpartum Hemorrhage Management

 New Trends in Vaccination during Pregnancy

 Omega 3, Iodine, Vitamin Supplements in Pregnant Women

 Innovations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Premalignant Lesions of the Cervix, HPV Vaccines


 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

 Current Trends in Ovulation Induction


 Current Developments in Contraception

 Anticoagulant Use in Gynecology and Obstetrics

 Progesterone Use in Gynecology and Obstetrics

 Iron, Magnesium Use in Gynecology and Obstetrics


Under Construction.


Abstract Submission Deadline: 10 May 2024 (until 23.59)


Abstracts must be sent online via using the online abstract system and must be in TURKISH and ENGLISH. Abstracts sent independently of the system, by past, or in languages other than Turkish and English will not be accepted. Abstracts sent over the internet, if accepted, will be printed as they are delivered, so they should be free of errors.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 10 May 2024

Abstract which will be presented during the congress should consist of a conclusion message and also contribute to the scientific research by its experimental study, climinal study and originality. Abstracts sent over the internet will be printed as they are delivered, so they should be free of errors. Abstract authors will be held responsible for all typo errors.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Abstracts will be gathered via the online abstract system.
  2. Names of the authors should not include their academic titles.
  3. Names must be written with only the first letter capitalized, and unabbreviated..
  4. The name and address of the institution where the author works must be included.
  5. Abstract headers must be in title case (first letters capitalized only), with the exception of abbreviations.
  6. If abbreviations are used in the abstract, the unabbreviated form must be included in parentheses.
  7. The goals and methods of the project must be briefly stated. Findings must be summarized with sufficient numerical data, and conclusions should be explained within the findings presented.
  8. The abstract must contain the following headers: Goal, Methods, Findings and Results. Keywords shall also be stated in the related step.
  9. The abstract must not exceed 500 words except the title, authors name and surname.

Any abstract submitted which is not prepared according to these guidelines will not be evaluated regardless of its content.

Important Notice

  1. If you will use the online abstract module for the first time, select “New User” link and register to the system.
  2. The explanations at the page after the registration procedure will guide you. Please read the messages and explanations carefully.
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  5. You may track the evaluation process of your abstract over the system by using your e-mail and password.

For technical support and questions:

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Abstract Evaluation

All abstracts and proceedings will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee. In order to have an accepted abstract being programmed by the scientific committee, congress registration for the presenting author latest by April 30nd, 2024. An acceptance letter concerning the abstract evaluation result will be e-mailed to the author.



Kayıt Tipi Ücret
Specialist 300 EUR
Assistant - Nurse 250 EUR
Company Representative 300 EUR

Registration fees do not include VAT, 20% VAT will be added.

  • Specialist, assistants, and company representatives are required to register to attend the congress general areas and scientific meetings. Registration fee includes participation in scientific activities, name badge, pocket program, certificate of attendance, and coffee break
  • Registration is confirmed once full payment is received. For the confirmation of your registration, please send your receipt to the organization secretariat via e-mail ([email protected]) after making your payment.
  • Figur Congress Organizations reserves the right to reflect the changes in the amounts of possible taxes, duties, and taxes on the prices.


Hotel Single Room Double Room in Per Person
CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel 250 EUR 140 EUR

Accommodation fees do not include VAT and accommodation tax, 2% Accommodation Tax and 10% VAT will be added.

  • The accommodation price includes one night's accommodation and breakfast.
  • Registration is confirmed once full payment is received. For the confirmation of your accomodation, please send your receipt to the organization secretariat via e-mail ([email protected]) after making your payment.
  • Figur Congress Organizations reserves the right to reflect the changes in the amounts of possible taxes, duties, and taxes on the prices.

Congress Language

The official language of the Congress is Turkish.


All participants are required to wear their badges at the entrance to the congress center, during scientific sessions and lunches, in exhibiton area, and during other social events between May 31 – Jun 1 2024.

Abstract Submission Deadline

March 31, 2024

Certificate of Participation

Attendance certificate will be distributed at the end of the congress to the registered attendance.

Acceptance and Invitation Letter

Upon request, a letter of invitation will be sent to any registered participants. This letter will be sent solely to assist participants in obtaining leave from their institutions.

Organization Secretariat

The Organizing Committee has decided that Figür Congress Organization as the Official Congress Agency for the Meeting. All requirements of the Congress should be demanded from the Figur Congress.

Congress Date and Venue

Current Approaches in Obstetrics and Gynecology Symposium will be held in CVK Park Bosphorus, İstanbul-Türkiye between May 31 - Jun 1 2024.


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